for those that like franks box..

Discussion in 'Paranormal Equipment' started by master_T, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. master_T

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  2. train

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    okay i am a lover of the franks box..enjoyed it from day one..i miss it...but the one you are ordering is just way too cool for words Tim..should i expect mine in the mail lol :wink:

    alot more features then the one you made...tho homemade like a cake is way better but you gotto go tech sooner or later...nice choice dude

    xoxo trainith
  3. Regan

    Regan Residual

    We created a device around the same time Ovilus was being created. Ours is called the speakjet box, as it uses the Speak Jet voice chip.

    Ours runs on emf, a processor, and the speakjet chip with the allophones. We have used the Ovilus, and compared it too the Speakjet, and we're partial to our own creation.

    We get a lot of the basic 72 allophones of hte human voice "Oooo, aaaa, eee, thhh, stttt" etc. But, when it wants to talk, it talks.

    We were at the Harvard Exit Theater in Seattle. We were on the third floor, in the woman's restroom. It said "Outside, scary, outside".. two seconds later THREE GUNSHOTS happened in the alley behind the theater. It preempted the gunshots.

    \Here is another example:

    We were playing ghost poker at the musuem of mystery (which used to be a speak easy). There's a spirit there that loves poker night, and this was the first night testing the box at the poker event. You can hear it say "yes" to anti'ing up.
  4. master_T

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    cool stuff Reagan! the olivius for me so far has provided mixed results much like any other device that we use on investigations. I have a great deal of respect for people who innovate there own devices in this field and share the results that they capture from it with the community.
    last night for me at least the olivius really intrigued due to the related responses that we were receving on the device.
  5. GH213

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    Cool new toy Tim, I can't wait to see it in action :)
  6. horseshoehank

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    Speakjet box

    I would love to build one of these...are the plans available? or could I buy one?

  7. L.Gaunder

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    Jimminit...that puppy is EXPENSIVE
  8. ufmg99

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    Tim, is that a modern Frank's Box? Cause is too different from the one we saw over the YouTube by Chris Moon. Looks like digital one...

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