football witchcraft sparks riot

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  1. master_T

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    Thought this was interesting..yet at the same time

    2:14pm UK, Monday September 15, 2008

    Eleven people were reportedly killed in a football stadium in the Democratic Republic of Congo during a riot triggered by one of the player's attempts to use witchcraft on the opposing team.

    A Congolese football fan

    Nyuki club was losing to local rivals Socozaki on Sunday when Nyuki's goalkeeper advanced up the pitch and tried to cast a spell that would turn the game in his side's favour.

    UN-backed station Radio Okapi, which reported the incident, said it sparked a brawl between the two sets of players.

    When a police commander tried to intervene, the crowd started to pelt him with stones, prompting his colleagues to fire tear gas in response.

    That in turn triggered a stampede for the exits inside the ground in which 11 people were killed and several badly hurt.

    Many Congolese hold traditional beliefs and use spells, fetishes and charms to practise witchcraft, often combined with other religions like Christianity or Islam.

    Sunday's riot happened in Butembo, in North Kivu province, where fighting between the army and rebels has raged on despite the official end of a 1998-2003 war that has killed an estimated 5.4 million people through violence, hunger and disease.
  2. Devils_Darkness

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    wow that's crazy bad what happened. I wonder what the spellcaster feels about it all.
  3. Bodhi

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    Thats crazy!! :shock: :(
  4. train

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    witchcraft and football

    wow that just nuts.. all over a spell being casted.. im sure in that country witchcraft used for alot of things..

    however for the time being i cancelled my season tickets to those games..i want to live

  5. spooked_1

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    What ever happen to the spirit of competition or sportsmanship.
    Sports can be a deadly game i guess.
    When is this world going to wake up and Grow up?
    Very sad story.
  6. Nightshade1983

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    Maybe it's a primitive place where Magick is widely practiced and accepted, unlike other places that I know of.
  7. mssusie24

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    that is insane!!! thanks for sharing that with us
  8. missi396

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    Wow this is such a crazy and sad story i dont know what to say. i wonder what he was saying or doing that sparked a person that uses spells myself 2 things come to mind 1 being that i myself dont do spells in public and this is why lol and 2 its sad that there is still a dear of the unknown. and the way i feel is everyone does a little magick sometime in thier life from the football player that wears the same socks in every game to the person that makes a wish on a birthday candle anyway its just my opinion. but i wouldn't still this day wouldn't do a spell out in public or if i did it wouldn't be loud enough for others to hear.still its just sad no matter what that 11 ppl had to die and others got hurt in all this
  9. missi396

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    Grrr that little typo was supposed to be fear of the unknown lol stupid t9 word lol sorry

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