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Discussion in 'Haunted Locations' started by MPInvestigations, Jan 14, 2009.

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    it is in Houston,TX
    the cemetery is 100+ years old surrounded by office buildings and a car garage. over the past year of investigating the cemetery it has become more and more active, you will definately feel someone is near you especially in the back of the cemetery. the story goes, amanda beeler had trusted a man that ultimately led her to her death and she now haunts her grave waiting for help.i have only gotten ahold of her once and yes she needs the 1990's a couple was dragged 150 yrds towards the beeler cemetery and a double murder occured. the man was tied to a tree and had his throat slashed, and the women was raped and killed the same way.i am determined to see if these people resign in the cemetery, i will have to get back to yall on that one.
    i do know this. there is a male, a female, and a boy who come and go in the cemetery, the female is amanda, the boy is peter and the male has not yet giving up a name. i have captured colored light rods, cloaked shadow people and apparitions on camera.
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    mp, sounds like a really cool place I believe tprs is out your way and I know he loves places like this..I would love to check out this place with you sometime..hows the weather in
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    it is quite cold but sense i love cold weather i sleep with the window open..which group was this again? i have not really put my group out there and have not met any other group in my state worth talking still trying to figure out how to replace my lost equipment. we have been going old school with just recorders and cameras sense then. i have been wanting to form an alliance with groups around the area.but most groups i come across are lone wolfs and want to charge money for residential investigations. not my type of people. i just stick to my ghost hang out sense i have so much freedom there.still trying to figure out if the shadow being is mallicious or not. i will let you know if i ever get the chance to get up there. by the way how do you like our new logo. just made it today and am planning on making some tee's.

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