Fake? or Not?

Discussion in 'Video Clips' started by krzymoose, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. krzymoose

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  2. spook

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    OH MY! :shock:
    krzy.. he was touching his head as if he felt like something was there.. and it was..according to the video..

    now from a sceptic point of view, was this a doctored video?
    i hope not!

  3. train

    train Poltergeist

    fake or not fake

    :D krzy never seen that video before, i watched it twice was pretty freaky, looks like a spirit of some sort leans over him and touches his head at which point he touches his head and gets up, and seems a bit confused..looks pretty real to me, but then again its 2008 and easy to doctor up anything to get people to watch..but i liked it anyway..thanks for sharing that :D
  4. evpblues

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    Wow :shock: That looked real to me. Then again as Train said its 2008. But it looked real as He**
  5. krzymoose

    krzymoose Residual

    What amazes me is how the ghost magically appears nice and centered on the film, and if the camera guy left the camera unattended for an hour or so...who did the zooming? :shock:
  6. lglessner

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    My guess is it is doctored. The entity hangs around too long as though to make sure it gets into the shot. Also the placement of the hands and arms appears to be a pose someone would use to be sure they got somewhere within the right area to "feel" or "touch" the person that it would be superimposed upon later. Again, just a guess.

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