Discussion in 'Electronic Voice Phenomena and ITC' started by Poizon, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. Poizon

    Poizon Residual

    ok so on sat while watching the jimmy re-run, i was at a friends place, anywhoos and some of you who were there might remmber me freeking out becuse i saw a shadow fly pase on the door of the pc cabnet clear as day. so after i decided to make a quick recording.

    i was all alone in the room, pc was muted so shouldnt be able to heard nothing but static, which is only what i hear but some suggested posting it up here for anyone with more experices to list to, to see if they hear anything.

    likei say i cant so i dont think theres anything there lol

  2. MPInvestigations

    MPInvestigations Residual

    i just hear static and low fluctuations in frequency, at first i thought i heard a female whispering but it was just interfereance with the pc and the recorder.

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