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Discussion in 'Paranormal Equipment' started by dapfury, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. dapfury

    dapfury Residual

    I would like to know about equipment that is used for your investigations. Could I get a break down of the stuff used on everyones investigation? I started a paranormal group here in Florida. We just have the basics so far. Digital cameras, recorders...
  2. master_T

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    Well Dap in terms of what we use at we use a number of things, from notepads and paper down to thermal imagers.
    Heres a quick an dirty of some not all the equipment we use:

    nikon d20 - converted for ir photography
    sony dsc-v3

    Voice recorders
    marantaz PMD620
    olympus dc40
    olympus ws100

    sony sr100
    sony sr 80

    emf meters -
    trifield em
    paranormal systems k2

    We use a ton of stuff but this should at least give you an idea.

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  3. Parachick

    Parachick Residual

    I can give you a basic list of some of our equipment, but I don't have the specifics in front of me at this time. Getting an equipment list together for our website is something we continue to discuss doing, but have not done so as of yet.
    Here is a basic breakdown of what we use on a regular basis:

    DVR system with:
    *4 Swann IR Night Vision Cameras (120 ft. cable each)

    *2 Sony Hi8 with night shot
    *Sony minidv with night shot
    *another with night shot but unsure if Sony

    2 Tripods for camcorders

    3 IR Illuminators

    Digital Cameras
    *We have 5 digital cameras but only sure of one being Fuji

    We have a professional photographer on our team and he uses a few different cameras that are professional grade....not sure at this time of their make and model.

    Digital Voice Recorders
    *3 others brand not known

    EMF Meters
    *3 modified KII meters
    *3 Sperry Meters

    We also have an audio system that includes 4 free standing microphones that are hooked up to a monitoring system and computer that records each separately. Do not know specifics or brand at this time.

    3 pairs of dowsing rods.

    3 Pendulums

    4 Walkie-Talkies

    Temperature Gauges
    *Handheld laser with probe
    *Free standing
    *Ambient gauge

    Sweetgrass & Sage

    Feel like I'm leaving something out but all I can think of now. We really should get our equipment list together! When we do...I'll post it. If you ever have any questions...feel free to contact us anytime!
    Good luck with your new group!

    Jenn (Parachick)
  4. Devils_Darkness

    Devils_Darkness Residual

    Something I hadn't noticed posted on here and isn't entirely equipment, but definitely something that I think every investigating group should have.

    - Flashlights
    - extra batteries for anything you're using.
    - a first aid kit to keep in the car(s) of investigators (Most investigators do all their investigating in the dark and accidents are bound to happen.)
  5. master_T

    master_T Poltergeist Staff Member

    i forgot gummie bears
  6. dapfury

    dapfury Residual

    Thanks guys. I am curious about the IR head unit you use. That would be nice to know how that is done.
  7. master_T

    master_T Poltergeist Staff Member

    we use lots of duct tape and gorilla tape and stick the ir cam on our head ...make sure you shave first tho. #-o
  8. princessanna

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  9. erika

    erika Poltergeist

    Speaking of which, does anybody know cheapest itc recorder which would do the thing, any specification which needs to be checked before purchasing one?..
  10. tim_livescifi

    tim_livescifi boo Staff Member

    I would try any of the olympus vn series...great recorders for evp and cheap..try ebay. :)
  11. erika

    erika Poltergeist

    Thanks Tim, appreciate it! will definitely look for it! :)
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  12. tim_livescifi

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  13. erika

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  14. Red Porch

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    Wondering if night-vision goggles and geiger counter is in your budget, or actually a bug-sweeper of professionals to eradicate all the false positives, maybe you can turn the ghost hunting into security screening, so you still have a life after you're 30. And a nice green VW van, a dog, and a neckerchief for the ladies.

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