Edgar Mitchell and UFO's

Discussion in 'UFO's and Cryptozoology' started by bkiff, Jul 26, 2008.

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    i have noticed a opening up of goverments admitting about UFO stuff ..i kinda think its because of you tube and other internet sites and they just cant cover it anymore...
    i think the cover ups were to keep the panic down..
    someone i forget who said if people knew about aliens visiting and the goverment told us about it religion and science would be screwed and basically mass chaos ..
    hope more comes out it would be kinda neat shaking hands with a visitor and stareing into those big eyes :shock:
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    Hey...thanks for sharing BK...its alot to think about i feel...The actual thought of UFO's and government coverups has been going on for so long now...not sure i want to know if there really is anything out there as we have no idea if they are friendly or not..and the idea of the government having some aliens for government experiments...is just so wrong and scary

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    I am glad that there is more information coming out all the time. I believe there is something going on for there to be so many UFO reports now. I would love to know what the government is hiding from us. I don't believe that we are the only occupants of this vast Universe. I only hope that the truth will come out soon. I think hiding the truth only makes people more curious about what is going on. And more determined to find the truth. I applaud the people with the courage to tell their stories.
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    I remember being curious about the strange noises coming outta my moms bedroom when I was little, now theres an image I wish I could erase...ewwwwww:p
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