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    I found this on a site and tried it out.I think it easier to use,other than to capture a picture from your screen,then have to keep going to paint or your ms paint,then have to save it.all you have to do is download this,it has a read file how to use it,and it will automaticaly save them for you in whatever files you choose before you start taking them.i think its awesome i will start using it.please check it.i thought i would share this.with people was wondering how to do it this way is easy.all u have to do with this.is press couple buttons at once it will capture the picture and save for you right away its cool. i will give the site for it.
    http://www.softpedia.com/progDownload/H ... -7258.html

    i picked this down load on the site for it.it says Softpedia Mirror (RO) [ZIP]

    here is the information it has for it also.
    HoverSnap description

    HoverSnap is a a free handy snapshot tool with jpg, png, bmp and gif support
    HoverSnap is a small but powerful screen capture tool that can snap the entire desktop, the active window or custom areas on the screen and save the image to JPEG, GIF, BMP or PNG format.

    HoverSnap can even automatically rename and resize the screenshot and save it to a folder of your choice. Additional features include integrated FTP upload and support for layered windows.

    HoverSnap runs in the system tray and screen captures can be triggered via keyboard shortcuts.

    Also it is FREE :D
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    Hey. Pretty cool. and it seems really handy.
  3. auroraangel2b

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    ya i think it is
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    i would also recommend using snag it...snag it is really useful for taking screen shots and its easy to use. :)
  5. princessanna

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    Wow just got snag it. It is easy

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