Dousing Rods what did you think?

Discussion in 'show discussions' started by Kristin, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. Kristin

    Kristin Poltergeist

    It was so fun working with the dousing rods at the sallie house. I could t believe how they moved and went in circles! It felt so weird in my hands. I could feel them start to vibrate with energy just before they'd move. This was my first time trying them. What did you guys think of it? Has anyone else tried using dousing rods before and what kinds of responses did you get?
  2. Victoria A

    Victoria A Residual

    I thought you guys did a good job! The way the spirit was responding with helicopting and just with your left hand. You guys did amazing
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  3. I liked the dousing rods
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  4. ChrisV

    ChrisV Residual

    I thought they were really cool, hope you use them again, you got some really great responses with them.
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