"DO YOU BELIEVE" : Host Norene Balovich : Director Tim Wood

Discussion in 'Board News' started by jennie_050, May 4, 2013.

  1. jennie_050 Moderator

  2. jennie_050 Moderator

    Next Thursday, 9th May, DO YOU BELIEVE SHOW, Tim and Norene will be going out for a live investigation at the HAUNTED SUICIDE FOREST......only on livescifi.tv!
  3. mcshortcake Member

    That is going to be so exciting. we haven't seen miss Norene go on a hunt wit tim ever, for me anyway. Love ya Tim and Norene. Please stay safe:D
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  4. Casombra Well-Known Member

    This is going to be fun!
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  5. noreneb Active Member

    UPDATE, show on Thursday, May 9 has changed to SLENDER MAN...Fiction to fact! Tim will be out of town.
    Hope to see you in chat....thanks so much...luv ya![IMG]
  6. jennie_050 Moderator

    Aaaaw, I was looking forward to the forest.....but all your shows are great, so "slender man" is good! I'll be there :)
  7. Casombra Well-Known Member

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  8. Kristin Well-Known Member

    I agree as well Norene! Looking forward to the show!
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  9. jennie_050 Moderator

    WooooHoooo Norene's show Do You Believe is on tomorrow night.....love it!!!
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  10. jennie_050 Moderator

    Hi Kristin! Haven't seen you about....must keep missing you!? Thanks for the follow on twitter! Any more pics....would love to see more!? ( lots more :) )
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  11. jennie_050 Moderator

    Hi Norene! Wondering....any more thoughts on "Do You Believe" t shirts...this pic would make a good one!?
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  12. Kristin Well-Known Member

    Tim asked me to send them to him so he could put them up so I guess we need to bother him!
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  13. Kristin Well-Known Member

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  14. Casombra Well-Known Member

    Good idea let's pester Tim! :p
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  15. tim_lsf to infinity and beeeeeeyond.

    that picture kind of reminds me of my x girlfriend..lol...on a serious note though can't wait for tonights show!
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  16. Casombra Well-Known Member

    Lol Tim! And yes looking forward to tonight's show. What happened to the Suicide Forest visit?
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  17. Kristin Well-Known Member

    I'm assuming it had something to do with his foot maybe?
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  18. Casombra Well-Known Member

    Ahhhh that's right! Forgot about that! Can't have Tim gimping around in a spooky forest! ;)
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  19. jennie_050 Moderator

    Hi Norene! Any chance of you doing the "suicide forest" any time soon, lots of ppl were looking forward to it, including me!? Luv ya!
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  20. jennie_050 Moderator

    Stayed up to watch this show....awesome!! Thanks for all the great shows Nor, and your hard work is much appreciated :)
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