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Discussion in 'Paranormal Equipment' started by Valak, Jul 19, 2016.

  1. Valak

    Valak Ghost

    Over the years I have seen numerous ghost hunting apps come out for ios and andriod. I remember Ghost Radar, now there seems to be a whole slew of new ghost hunting apps that are supposedly used to detect, communicate and document paranormal activity but do any of them actually work. I have seen some apps sell for as high as $50 me it seems like a scam..maybe I'm just old school but I would much rather just used a good old voice recorder and a emf detector to hunt for ghosts...has anybody had any luck with ghost hunting apps?
  2. tim_livescifi

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    My experience with ghost hunting apps has not been good. Unfortunatly it is next to impossible to tell how the makers of these apps code them and what you are really getting with these apps. I have tried apps such digital dowsing's ovilius and picked up some responses that I thought might be something trying to communicate however more times than not it just picks up garbage. When I have limited time at a location I would much rather use equipment that I understand, and have a proven track record within the paranormal community.
  3. I don't know could work who am I talking too Ouija boards work why wouldn't they I never thought a Ouija board would ever actually work thinking it was for fun heck no jeeze if I ever did a Ouija session ever again be with you guys and only you guys seriously because I'm afraid more then what I have is going to be worse
  4. I don't understand how evil things like that exist it's frightening can't go to even the bathroom without feeling of being watched
  5. BonezSax

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    I used something called the gb rift and it was horrible, all it did was repeat noises over and over again...I later found out that the app maker programmed the app to make it sound like a ghost box..go figure! Stupid app was $20 never again.

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