Could you cast some protection spells?

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    Ello! I was wondering if you guys could cast some protection spells or maybe carry some charms that will protect you from any further harm that may come to you. I have a few spells that I wish for you to try and a couple of seals that are full proof to protect you from demons or other entities. Here is a list of items you will need if you wish to try this protection spell
    1. Tarot deck
    2. a cloth pentacle
    3. a white, or light blue candle
    4. and of course a lighter
      Note: If you're invoking something, you go from the left to the right, if you're banishing something you go right to left
      Find the court card that matches your zodiac sun sign, then find the strength tarot card, the magician, the emperor, and the star. Then place your court card on the pentacle at the very top of the pentacle aka the point of the spirit, place the strength card on the point of air (left point of pentacle), The emperor on the water point (Right point), The magician on the point of fire, and the star on the point of earth. Take the blue or white candle place it in the center of the pentacle. place both hands on the ring of the pentacle and picture the ball of energy growing to surround your entire being once you feel as if the energy surrounding you is sufficient you may use your right hand to draw then pentacle in the air and blow out the light blue or white candle.
      As for the seals I spoke of, are the seals of Solomon which were used to compel demons, spirits, and people to do things, or to protect against all kinds of dangers. Here is the link for the seals to activate the seal you must focus on what it does and who it is protecting.
      Thank you for taking the time to read this thread and I wish nothing but your complete and utter safety. Do you think you could do a video over this too? I'd like to see my home brewed spell in action :p


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