Corners as portals for spirit or astral travel

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  1. Hey everyone, I had a dream last night, where, I had visit of my sister, we don't have contact anymore, I saw her going to my bedroom, which is strange right, cos why would you go into someone's bedroom just like that, when you don't even live there, or have nothing of you there personal. I go check on her, I saw her doing things with her hands around my bedroom window, the end of my bed, the corner, I said to her: what are you doing? She said: Nothing. I said: don't say nothing, don't take me for stupid or a fool. I know exactly what you are doing, you are doing magick on my room. She laughed, I asked her to leave and she didn't wanted too, she wanted to stay put on that spot. So I grabbed her arm, said: you have to leave now, it did not work, it was like she was glued to the ground. She even founded it funny, not me, it freaked me out, something not normal, she also touched personal stuff of mine, that has a spiritual value for me. My sister is an evil witch, that is why I am concerned about it. The female spirit I work with, told me to put a pyramid shape in the corner of where she was standing in my dream, put a mirror under it, so whatever comes out of the corner, get's pulled upwards instead of inwards in the home or bedroom, to light a rose candle in my selenite candle holder. Took some pictures of the corner, what do you guys think of this dream?

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    very interesting are you still experiencing "activity" in your home?

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