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  1. Hi everyone
    I had a strange experience this week, I was in the kitchen, doing my dishes, the window was half open, I see the upstairs neighbour their grand son, going outside passing by the window, with a creepy squiky old man voice he said as he passed by ' hello Constantine ', I was in shock, because, why would he say that to me, it did not sound like I know his voice is, very different.
    The female spirit I work with said to me: dont listen to it, that it's of the devil.
    What do you guys know about Constantine? I know only from movies, he was an exorcist. Can you guys tell me why this happend.
  2. TehSalade

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    Only thing I can think of is Constantine I, Constantine the Great, and Saint Constantine, which is the same person. Roman Emperor from 306 to 337 AD. I can't find any other infomation of Constantine being of the Devil. It could be that it was referring to the voice coming out of the neighbor. Have you asked your neighbor if he remembered the situation?
  3. The female spirit I work with, told me it could have been the devil saying that, cos it was an old man sqeeky voice, no I did not ask my neighbour their grandson if he remembers, cos that would freak him out, I don't want my neighbours are scared of me, cos I have good contact with them. I am not for causing panick. It was just one weird moment.
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    Hm... Very weird........ It could have been an invasion of thought for a second. For example, whatever it was forced their being to speak through the child. Does the child have bad background with his parents? Are his parents alive?

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