Cemetery Walk live stream 18/03/2017

Discussion in 'Photographs' started by Nadine Vanderpoorten, Mar 19, 2017.

  1. Hi everyone
    was able to make 3 screenshots of things I saw during the walk, first picture time stamp 6:35 a figure black with 2 white glowing eyes, peeking at Tim on a distance. U have to be fast to see it, cos it only last a few seconds. I also posted the improoved image, I taken the Original shots with my mobile Phone and posted in the LSF fan group on FB too & on Twitter LSF.
    Second image is after the wild deer, u see a shadow person spirit, time stamp 26:24, pay attention to the place it is standing, when Tim goes further, u don't see the shadow person spirit not anymore on that spot.
    The third image was men Jackie was mentioned, this was like a good minute later, time stamp 27:50, u see a face and something lurking from behind the gravestone, afterwards I also noticed on the photo that someone was standing up behind the gravestone too.
    I give u all the improoved image of the photos too, all I did is changed the lighting on the photos, nothing else, no photoshop or anything, these are real images taken with my mobile Phone.

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