Canadain UFO

Discussion in 'UFO's and Cryptozoology' started by spooked_1, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. spooked_1

    spooked_1 Residual

    I found this, where else but you-tube.
    WTF is this.......

    ---------------------Caution ------------ Lots of cussing!!!!! .... and i mean alot......Those crazy hosers!
  2. bkiff

    bkiff Residual

    Pretty cool, eh?

    Take off hosers!
  3. ufmg99

    ufmg99 Residual


    Looks like some kind of baloon (maybe for weather analysis).

    And the guy drinking whisky is more strange than the "ufo" itself... :mrgreen:
  4. master_T

    master_T Poltergeist Staff Member

    anyone seen train or ryhno..hopefully there not getting
  5. bkiff

    bkiff Residual

  6. missi396

    missi396 Residual

    lol you guys are to funny lol

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