Boone Family Plantation Plot.

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    This is a video which I put together of some great EVP's we caught over a year ago.

    My family owns this property consisting of approximately 150 acres which is near the coast located in Georgetown County, SC. It was once a part of the Boone Family Plantation.

    The Boone family first settled in Charleston, back in the 1760's, at Boone Hall Plantation, which is some sixty miles away. There is a small Boone family, plot located on our undeveloped property. This family lived here prior to the Revolutionary war, and the last grave found in this plot is dated 1810. I have no idea as to what happened as to the Plantation's demise upon the second wife's death. Thomas Boone Sr., who is buried there, owned over 40 slaves as listed on the 1790 census. He died a short time thereafter. What happened?

    There was a Thomas Boone Sr., during this same time period, that was a past Governor of South Carolina. He was a Loyalist from what I have researched and fled for England. So who is this Thomas Boone? This family, who is buried here, had to be wealthy judging by the quality of the head stones for this time period.

    You would think that this rice plantation would have continued to thrive. History shows that the "rice culture" in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, continued most productively until the civil war. .So why are there not any additional grave sites in the family plot? What happened?

    I also have no idea where the Plantation home site might have been located on the grounds. History shows that most family plot's for that time period were located relatively close to the home sites.

    There is lost history here and a story to be told.

    Your thoughts are most welcomed.

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