Bobby Mackeys | Bartonville Asylum | Banta Inn - Show Sched.

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    Banta Inn, CA 10.21 - 8pm pacific / 11 pm eastern
    To start off the week the will be traveling to Banta where they will investigate the Banta Inn, which is one of the very few landmarks in the US that is designated as being haunted. The investigative team will also consist also of a news camera crew, which will be working on a story as well.

    Bartonsville Asylum, IL 10.23 - 6pm pacific / 9 pm eastern has been given access to this historic mental institution which closed its doors in the mid 1900s and now is believed to be haunted by the pateints and the doctors that once resided there.

    Bobby Mackeys, KY 10.25 - 10.26
    10.25 11 pacific / 2 am eastern (3 hour witching hour broadcast)
    10.26 11 pm pacific / 2 am eastern (3 hour witching hour broadcast)
    10.26 5pm pacific / 8 pm eastern (12 hour live investigation) will be investigating one of the most reported haunted locations ALL weekend long, and bringing it to you LIVE. Our East Coast team will consist of Shannon Sylvia (GHI), Tim Wood (, Bishop Gregg Haggart (Well of Worship), Eric Singleton (NAPS), and Jeff Sylvia.
    -the team.
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    Sounds Spooktacular!!!!! Can not wait.

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    Re: Bobby Mackeys | Bartonville Asylum | Banta Inn - Show Sc

    :shock: Hey Tim dang just got home from work its like 9:30 my time..and it starts at 2am my time omg.. no wonder no one is on myspace, they are napping..dang, guess i will try see if i can during bewitching hour not sure as im dog dead tired form 6 days of work :( but will for sure catch sundays show, if possible may stay awake for another 2 hours or so, then catch a nap my self, but no guarantee,
    I MISS YOU ALL, this job is ruining my livesifi life and family :( <----runs to corner and pouts a tad lol )


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