Any information on UFO’s !!

Discussion in 'Paranormal News' started by Brett, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. Brett

    Brett Residual

    Hi everyone, most of us have heard about UFO’s and all the stuff about the reports on them. There have been research on them and many things said and done, but it is still not clear if they really do exist or not. What do you people say on this?
  2. Nightowl

    Nightowl Residual

    I have seen some things I can not explain---but, I can not imagine that we are the only life that exists. To many credible people have reported sightings. I do not believe they are all lying. I don't believe that everything unexplain is Alien either. But, I do believe there is something out there, that has visited many times. We will know all in good time.

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