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    Before I got into magick and using boards there was always an entity I would talk to ever since 7th grade now I'm going to be a senior in highschool. I never quite knew if it was just me with an imaginary friend, a smaller portion of me talking to myself, or an actual entity I was speaking to. The voice always came from the very farthest part of my mind when I was younger at the time I was absolutely obsessed with the manga D.N.Angel and one of the characters just resonated with me when I read the books I gradually started to call the entity "Dark". Flash foward to 5 months ago I was using the Oujia board with my step-sister which I made from paper in my giant sketch book and I asked what the entity's name was that was speaking through the board spelling out D-A-R-K I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it I literally got up off of my bed and started pacing with an expression of disbelief on my face. I then returned to the board pressing the entity for answers and how long it's known me. (I can't keep track of how many years someone has known me) but the pointer moved to 7, then I asked why now they chose to reveal themselves then spelling out to word (protection) I followed up with "from what?" and he didn't want to answer. Now sometimes my boards don't work and an entity will try to move the pointer off of the boards. Once I had to yell at the board to get it to work :D then it started moving and working properly I figure it's him doing that by now.:)

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