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Discussion in 'Theories' started by Devils_Darkness, Sep 10, 2007.

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    While looking up information for my speech on the paranormal I came across TAPS's FAQ on Demonology and the first question was:

    Q: Are Ouija boards really dangerous?

    A: It is not the Ouija board itself which is dangerous. The potential danger stems from the fact that by using a Ouija board to communicate with spirits (or any similar divination device), an individual is opening up his or her free will, thereby leaving oneself vulnerable to an invading spirit presence. There are a great many examples of individuals successfully contacting what at first appear to be "nice" spirits through the use of o Ouija board...only to have these spirits turn on them once they have gained a foothold. Demons can be very adept at masquerading as departed loved ones, even going so far as to reveal hidden knowledge, which was supposedly known only to the deceased...and this hidden information will often eventually prove to be verifiable. However, once demonic spirits have gained someone's trust, they will then cleverly begin mixing lies with the truth, in an effort to confuse. Some individuals eventually become emotionally dependant upon these "spirit friends"...and a demonic presence will have no reservations about using a person's loneliness or emotional vulnerabilities to gain a stronger foothold. By the time it is too late, and a hostile entity has revealed it's true colors, the person who has unwittingly been communicating with these types of spirits will often find that they are much harder to get rid of, than they were to bring in. Also, under no circumstances should anyone ask a spirit to manifest itself (appear) to them through the use of a Ouija board...since a demonic spirit will consider this an open invitation to infiltrate that person's life!

    - FAQ written by Keith Johnson, TAPS's Demonologist.
    Just thought I'd give the Livescifi team and anyone else who has or plans to use the board a heads up on this. I'm not trying to influence anyone away or toward the board in any case, but just thought it would be nice to be armed with such warnings just in case. I know there are ways to protect one from danger that can be brought on by the board's use and I remember livescifi (or rather one of it's members) mentioning they did take precautions. The viewers on the other hand might not always know that so here you guys go.
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    Is that on the TAPS website? The FAQ, I mean?
  3. Devils_Darkness

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  4. spooked_1

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    Are ouija boards dangerious?

    I could never get my ouija board to work. My friends would always screw around with it and me. But i do have an ouija story, thanks to my sisters. It's what got me intersted in the paranormal. I posted it on the Taps website. But i thought i sould share it with you guys. (My Ghost Peeps).

    Well i guess this is best place there would be to get this off my chest. My name is Don and im addicted to the paranormal. I really have keep this secret to myself pretty much my whole life, then The Ghost Hunters (TAPS) shows up on the Scifi channel.That open the dialog between me, my friends, and family about the paranormal and ghosts.My friends are a little hard to convence. Myself i had a major paranormal event happen to me when i was young and several smaller ones as i've grown older. There seems to be a major connection between my mom and i on a psychic level that goes way beyond the norm. My mom and i are pretty close. She has been my rock my whole life. My dad and mom split up and later divorced about the time i was born. I never meet my dad until later in my early thirties. So my mother was the bread winner for some time until she meet and later married my step father,i was about eight years old then. So before my step dad is when the paranormal decided to thrust itself into my life. My mother had a job at Disneyland in Anaheim California as a waitress in one of the resterants below the park that served employies, entertainers and celeberties that were performing in the park or just visiting.She's told me iv'e sat on Elizabeth Taylors lap when i was a baby at that resterant. One of the nights when my mom had to work and my two older sisters, Noreen 13 and Marlane 12 had to babysit me, is when i guess they decided they wanted to raise the dead. So while i was alone upstairs in a three story house on the top bunk of my bunkbed sleeping soundly. Downstairs my two sisters and one of their friends who was spending the night with them decided to break out the Ouiji Board and have some fun. Years later when i was older i was filled in on all the details of that night. I guess one of the first people they tried to contact was Abraham Lincon, with no luck. After a few more failed attemps they decided to contact my dead uncle Donnie for whom i am named after.He was my moms brother who was killed by a drunk driver before i was born.My mom had seven brothers and sisters total. My uncle Donnie and my mom were the closest of them all. So here's my sisters and their friend on an Ouiji Board contacting my uncle when they are interupted by my screams upstairs.They all come running upstairs to find me crying and screamming and frightened out of my mind! I remember wakeing up on the top bunk of my bunkbed hearing tapping noises on my window that is right next to my bed. When i looked out the window i saw a MAN looking Down at Me. It really freaked me out and i started screamming and closed my eyes,when i opened them again he was still there. When my sisters open the door, he looked at them, and then just disapeared. Now remember im upstairs of a three story house and outside my window there is nothing, no trees no houses nothing.The next house is a quarter mile away.My sisters took me down stairs as i told them what happend.They ended up calling my mom at work and telling her what just went on ,so my mom got off early and was on her way home when my sisters were still trying to calm me down. They sat me on these big pillows by the coffee table. And under that table is an old family photo album. Looking at the pictures was starting to calm me down, when all of a suddend i started screamming again, when looking at one of the pictures, i noticed the guy in it was the same man who was outside my window. It was my dead uncle. And i had no idea who my uncle Donnie was or what he looked like. Ok now my sisters and their friend started freaking out and crying. It was a night i will never forget!!!
  5. Devils_Darkness

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    that's a very interesting story Spooked. Did you have any other experiences with the man after that or was it more a one time thing?
  6. spooked_1

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    my uncle Donnie

    Thanks Darkness. I never seen (the man) my uncle Donnie again, but as time goes on my mom is pointing out things i do that her brother Don used to do. She talks very little to me about it. Not sure why , but she has told my sisters that i do things that my dead uncle used to do, and were totaly uneek to him. Way more than just a couincadence.
  7. Darlene

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    wow, spooked, that's a fascinating story. Thanks for sharing with us. How interesting that you do things like your uncle. I thought we only took after our parents, but who knows.......
  8. spook

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    very interesting Spooked! that would be freaky for sure.. as for having similar characteristics as your Uncle, that could be due to family genes. often a young one will have similarities with a family member who has passed away and perhaps have never met. with your story however, it could be something your Uncle has imprinted upon your life.. or a way for him to get a message out to let others know he is okay, as if you are his vehicle. who knows, it's just a guess on my part.

    as for Ouija boards.. i never used them as a child. i know a friend of mine had one, but i was never there when she used it. *phew* is all i can say in that respect.
    when i'm out ghost hunting with the team i belong to, we are sceptics. always testing and asking questions. we do not use Ouija boards, for the very reason that we cannot be sure of their power(s) & there could be danger attached to their use. as a sceptic, we question if demons and ghosts exist. so therefore i can understand the curiousity, but i'd rather not go that route. i'd rather rely on all my senses.

  9. bkiff

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    Wow. That is a pretty spooky story. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Way cool story Spooked. Thank you for sharing that with us.
  11. pagan

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    Hi all it's me Donna...I just want to state that I will never on any investigations take part in the use of the Ouija board that Tim brings to some investigations. I am 100% against the use of this method of communication. As stated above this is an open phone line to the other side and you have no way of knowing who is going to come through...I may be in the same room but I will never participate by touching the board and I always have my boundaries up and my protections set...Once again I am stating I am 100% against the use of any Ouija boards...Thanks all...Blessings....[/b]
  12. Devils_Darkness

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    Hi Donna. I would be standing aside right there with you. I know Tim mentioned taking precautions before and was wondering if you helped in that area or if Tim and Jay used their own methods of protection.
  13. pagan

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    Hey there DD, when I go on an investigation with the team I always put protections around us before setting foot on the place...I also put extra protection around anyone present if the Ouija board is brought out while I am present...this is no garantee that nothing bad will happen but at least I try to keep things as safe as I'm able to...
  14. spooked_1

    spooked_1 Residual

    ouiji boards

    I agree pagan.Ouiji boards can be dangerious. You can open doors to all sorts of spirits and if you dont know what your doing (like there's such a thing) it can get out of control really fast. Im not a big fan of the board for obvious reasons above in this topic. Even though i like ghost hunting and looking for the paranormal, i still dont like ouijiboards.
  15. allent

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    First time posting

    Hi all!

    This is my first time posting in this forum. I have an enteresting story of a Ouiji board experience. I too dont condone, or incourage the use of them.

    When I was 15 years old my sister and her best friend would play around with the Ouiji board asking all kinds of questions about boyfriends, and whom they might marry.

    One day that darn board said I was going to marry my sisters best friend. Well I thought that was crazy, and so did she, but a year or so later we were dating. We did marry, and raised 6 kids, and are coming up on our 30th anniversary in Dec 07. :)

    They continued to use that board until one day things got out of hand. Objects in the room started flying around, and there were voices coming from the walls. That did it for them! They broke that board into tiny pieces, and never played around with them again. Just the mention of a Ouiji board will get them on a tirade of the dangers of playing with the unknown.
  16. iowaghostlady

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    Ouiji Boards and their involvement in investigations

    I STRONGLY agree with Donna on this! Here is an example of why....This a Dangerous activity to engage activity I will never take part in ever during an investigation. In fact my opinion,and this is just my thoughts ....ouiji boards shouldn't be available on the open market for every Tom, Dick or Harry to get ahold of . A friend's team while on an investigation decided to run a controlled experiment with the boards. tehy set them up and really actually had no results at the time of the actual use. As they packed up the equipment at the end of the investigation...he looked back to check and make sure that all were in vehicles and ready to leave. As he looked back towards the building he saw a transparent dark shadow figure leaning out of one of the windows of the building like it was watching the team. and he said that at that point "I Knew it was from that damn board". To this day he refuses to use them on any investigation.
  17. Gothickangel

    Gothickangel Ghost

    YES they open portals, cause negative energy, sometimes even cage a spirit by accident and cause it misery. The vibes when I touched one for the first time just touching the board by hand made my hand cramp and me feel sick and uneasy. Plus my Shaman mentor said in a journey it radiates bad vibes he calls it.

    If you wanna use a board use and INDIAN or ANGEL board they are both specially made for use with positive energy and protection, as well as filtering entities.
  18. SASWS_Paranormal

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    Spirit communication is a dangerous thing and should be left to the professionals. Shamans who do use tools to communicate with spirit know the dangers that exist when doing so. They also know how to identify what it is they are communicating with.

    "With thought comes energy..." is part of a statement of fact that many shamans live by. This means that a person can produce energy by just focusing on a thought. For example, communicating with spirits. Also, the more minds that are focusing on it, the more energy produced.

    With all of this in mind, I will warn people that ouija boards can be a dangerous thing. In my practice, I have had more than a few clients that have had bad things happen to them as a result of using one of these "witches boards".
  19. missi396

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    Ok i know this path has been beatin to a pulp but I had to add my 2 cents I agree with you guys as far as you should know what your doing when working with them and personaly I love the Ouija Board But i hear all the time that well with the board you can call up a evil spirit well what do you think you can call up with any tool you use. doing an evp session your calling out asking for anything thats there to speak well everytime you do that there is a possibility that you can open a portal and get a voice that you dont want. but you just have to remind yourself its a tool weither it be used for paranormal research or other ways I use the Ouija when i want to contact spirit just like i do with my other tools weither it be my tarot,my runes,my dowsing rods,my pendulums or my crystal ball and i mean with any tool your asking for them to come to you and talk, im not telling anyone to go out and buy one because they are pure and wholesome lol i am saying and again this is my own opinion they are all tools to try to talk to the other side and if you do make contact then please remember it could be good or bad.
  20. princessanna

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    My own feelings are this, whenever you are asking a spirit to "show itself", or "prove it is here" you are opening the door, it doesn't matter if you are holding a recorder, ouija board planchette, during itc or just sitting on your butt drinking a soda. State of mind and your own energy is the conductive, you do not "control" what comes in.

    Those who are experienced in protection can help but like Donna said it is not a guarantee.

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