Alien at the window

Discussion in 'Video Clips' started by Anddos, Jun 18, 2008.

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    Actually that video is a fake made to mock the actual video that was shown at the Denver press conferance.
    The actual video has not been released to the public yet, and there is only a still from the video circulating on the web.

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    Here ya go
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    yeah that video was kewl, but looks like movie magic, hehe
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    Ha..refer to my comment above stating the video is actually made to "MOCK" the real thing which hasn't been made public yet :D
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    Real or not. He's got a cute butt head[​IMG]
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    Re: yup

    first thing i noticed: the person is wearing ill-fitting non-sterile gloves (in a real autopsy, esp of an unknown creature, the ME, MD, what have you, would be wearing sterile, well fitting surgical gloves)
    second: why is the gloved-one constantly fussing with the head? may want to demonstrate ROM (range of motion) but not constantly rearrange the way the head lay during discection
    third: the blade of a scalpel would slice through tissues much easier, especially in the hands of professional

    that's all i needed for me to think this is fake

    now THAT is interesting to me.....hmmmmmmmmmmmm
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    :? :?:
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    Lie detector test results for peeping alien video guy

    George Noory on Coast to Coast AM announced he had Stan Romanek's (peeping alien video guy) Lie Detector test results and they will be released next week. I put the audio details of Noory's announcement on my website in case you want to listen.
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    Re: yup

    The first video has been removed from youtube. The second one is odd, but I don't know what to say about it.
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    Alien in the window lie detector results

    Stan Romanek is the man who has experienced many paranormal activities throughout his lifetime, many documented. His most recent got international attention when a news conference was recently held in Denver. Stan said he had video showing an alien peeping in his window, sharing a still photo from the video.
    George Noory of Coast to Coast AM offered to pay for a lie detector test to be given to Stan.
    Noory was going to announce the results tonight on his show, but Stan Romanek answered a question from me about the results.
    I've posted Stan's reply on my website, so you can read about the results before Noory announces it on Coast to Coast AM tonight:

    Mike Coletta (UFO Geek)
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    at least it wasn't a peeping
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    Maybe the original one was a peeping tom. :shock: otherwordly peeping toms... who would have thought :lol:
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    Re: yup

    this one in my opinion is probably a young spider fairly close to the camera which would explain the "light" both above and below them. most species of spiders are nocturnal and use small breezes to build their webs. and if it is a young spider they can sometimes be a bit transparent looking which would explain the odd shape as the flash going thru and reflecting of the parts that arent transparent

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