After the calling 666, I have a few questions for Tim!

Discussion in 'ask, the team???' started by Davona, Apr 3, 2017.

  1. Davona

    Davona Residual

    ok so I'm new to the forum and to the channel. My question is this: Tim you open these doors to negative entities and you give out haunted items. Do you try to get rid of these entities or bless homes at all and if not, why? I ask because if Satan can call you and reach out like that did he cause your neighbor to kill himself? I just am curious as to how you protect yourself and others around you after calling on that evil to show itself.
    Thank you for reading!! May God bless you and keep you safe!
  2. Davona

    Davona Residual

    I'm also wondering why you give away haunted items. Do you worry about spreading demonic juju to others?
    It would just make me feel better understanding more about your motivation to put yourself at risk. I truly worry about ya!
  3. Valak

    Valak Ghost

    I want a haunted item!!
  4. Sw33tkitten

    Sw33tkitten Residual

    Lol me too! :D

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