Accidental Ghost Capture

Discussion in 'Video Clips' started by Mike_D, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. Mike_D

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  2. BonnieD

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    That was very clear to me. Thanks for sharing that. Even before it played again.


  3. Nightowl

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    :shock: Wow, I would be freaked out, too!
  4. Mike_D

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    I checked his youtube profile and he's got a couple other vids from his house.

    "Truly terrifying poltergeist experience"

    "Unbelievable poltergeist activity"

    I've seen a lot of paranormal vids and I think I'm good at spotting a fake but these look authentic as well. If they are fake they are very well done. He would have had to train his dogs to react to it all while looking natural and I don't believe dogs can be that good at acting. That and the orb in the second vid.

    I'm gonna send him a message and see if I can get more info about the place.
  5. ufmg99

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    Wow :shock: if the two videos arent fake, its really impressive! And the second video was shot in the daylight! LiveScifi could contact the videomaker...
  6. funeralguy05

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    Just a thought. Why would someone leave the camera going and unattended? Its usually a normal reaction to turn off a video camera when you are done using it, is it not?
  7. funeralguy05

    funeralguy05 Residual

    #2 is not real either

    First of all let me start out by saying i do believe in ghosts, and paranormal and i am even a paranormal investigator, but i believe this guys second video is fake also. I believe the radio, dog cage and even the roll of paper towels is all set up to take your focus off the fact that the tape has been stopped numerous times. I want to see the whole tape of the afternoon. i would be much more impressed if all these things happened while everone was still in the room. Why is that a room or place has to be deserted and empty for anything to happen with this guy?
  8. Devils_Darkness

    Devils_Darkness Residual

    I agree I thought it was strange that the camera was running through situations where people normally don't record. I would be able to chalk this up to his saying he started investigating and whatnot, but with mostly all the activity happening center frame it discredits things. I'm not going to say for sure it's fake, but these issues definitely don't help the real case.
  9. ufmg99

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    In the second video two things are against the truth: the paper towel left over the table (and its not the dinner room) and it was used by "ghost"; the two dogs looking for someone passing or acting behind the cam.

    Who in normal sanity leave the house with two dogs and one cat with opened window and camera and radio ON? If you know that your house has poltergeist events, you could be carefull, specially about your pets!!!
  10. MelanieS

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    First off...I'm the first person to debunk anything. Ask anybody around here.

    That being said....


    I'm convinced entirely, after seeing all his ghost vids...that this guy truly has a haunting. I'd love to get in touch with him and find out where he lives and if he'd let someone investigate. I'd be all over it.
  11. Devils_Darkness

    Devils_Darkness Residual

    Here's something I would suggest to help him with his credibility. I think having the camera tape an area that has a mirror facing the camera would help. This way people will be more sure that nothing is going on behind the camera. It would make it much hard (though not impossible) for people to find things to pick at as for realness.

    As as another mentioned, avoid video cuts. Even if it means having to post parts (part 1/3, part 2/3) and having a bunch of people whine about it being boring on youtube.

    I think if he were to do these it would help the believability.

    As of right now I'm still not sure what to make of the videos so I'd like to see more.
  12. Mike_D

    Mike_D Residual

    It is possible they're all fake. Nothing wrong with being skeptical. If they are fake then they're the best fakes I've seen so far. Almost too good to be real.

    Thing is how he could have faked all those things. Digital editing/fx? strings attatched to the moving objects? A friend upstairs pounding on the ceiling? Maybe but considering the amount of time and work it would take to pull these off as well as they turned out, I find it harder to believe that he faked them than that he didn't. Still may have been though.

    BTW, I sent him a message the other day and I haven't heard back yet. He's probably been getting messages about these vids ever since he posted them so I might not ever get a reply. :?
  13. MrCashGift

    MrCashGift Residual

    I personally saw how he was putting the camera down he positioned it exactly where he would edit the ghost. I am a little less convinced... Sorry fellas.
  14. GH213

    GH213 Residual

    I've seen these before, the maker is obviously savvy with video editing, the first vid, why would you leave the camera running for no reason when taking your dog out and pointed specificaly at the doorway, the second video, could have easily been rigged , the third does appear to possibly have stop motion and also could be rigged, and the dog owner could have certain items or hand motions to make to dogs react certain ways. with all the BS youtube ghost vids out there, I would say this is more of a clever individual, than paranormal.
  15. Sensitive1

    Sensitive1 Residual

    Why would anyone video trying to get their dog out from underneath the bed?

    In the last video, the dogs didn't look upset to me at all.
    Their tails were up and wagging.

    I'm inclined to lean towards------"fake".
  16. Bodhi

    Bodhi Residual

    Im not convinced with these... there are a few things in each that could point towards them being fake :?
  17. starbaby1226

    starbaby1226 Residual

    That was really creepy. This happened to me when I was about 9 years old , in my bedroom closet it scared the **** out of me. Then the cloths moved. But no one would believe me when I told someone about it.
  18. princessanna

    princessanna Residual

    Saw the guys shadow the whole time in the next room (look at right side) and pick moving could have been him fanning it in the other room with something.

    We have a could of pics on wall that will move when door is opened or u walk by.

    Not a believer here.
  19. lglessner

    lglessner Residual

    Excellent capture! Love the doggies too. They're beautiful.
  20. Roux

    Roux Ghost

    second video has a definite edit at 2:26 and 3:04 you can't fake out moving sunlight lol.
    hope those dogs got the treat they were following with their eyes lol ..

    ok and to further my skepticism..
    If you had activity like this in your home, would you not have lots more footage? He seems to have stopped making videos re: poltergeists after the third vid.
    Watched all his other vids and he obviously has some sort of vid editing experience from way back. As well as sound editing experience. Watch his video Trolley of Death. You will easily see he has too much time on his hands.

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