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    Hello guys , (i'm french so excuse me if for the fault) ,
    I have look hundred video of ouija (including the video of Tim) , it seems that Zozo appears everywhere he want.
    I have seen a few video ,where kids / peoples made fun of his name , been attacked or have strange stuff happens (bleeding nose , girl became to growl)...I know this entity is not a beginner , but on only 1 video (i lost/forget the URL :mad:) off all the internet (at least i know), Zozo said his real name is Azael (the video has been made by a guy who really look like a girl , even the voice...he did a protection ritual in the begginig of his video)

    What do you think of that ?
    It is possible or fake ?
    I think it would be interesting to really understand who Zozo is...
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  2. zozo is a demon who's job is to connect people to the spirit realm. Think old school telephone line operator.
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    there's no way to know when and how Zozo became Zozo ?
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    In my own opinion, he can not harm anyone unless they truly believe they can be harmed by the entity. Plus people who have depression, an addiction, some form of weakness that can be used against you in a Ouija board session that includes if you are scared of using the board!!! I've encountered him several times through out my use of the board and he has done nothing to me because I do not let him, you must put a mental barrier between you and the entity you are communicating with to keep them from harming you. As far as who he is many think he is an ancient Mesopotamian demon called Pazuzu https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pazuzu <--- link here I hope this helps!

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