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    Hello Livescfi Team ,
    Yesterday i have seen Tim on youtube talking about a problem with youtube , english is not my native language (i'm french) but I understood there was a problem with money , I ask in the chat what was the problem and Monkey (thx to him) reply to me saying : Youtube will stop to paid Livescifi because of X or Y reasons....(something like that).
    I can understand you need money, first to live and secondly to make your investigations.

    Does we will have to paid everytime to be able to see your investigations ?

    I ask because i 'm a little bit afraid of that , i could sometimes send you 15 $ but it will be impossible to send money every months , it is not because i don't want it is because i just can't.

    Tim or someone else of the crew , what is your plan ?
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  2. Basically, YouTube has stolen LiveSciFi's income and here's why: YouTube is being boycotted by big advertisers because they want to control what kind of content their ads are placed next to, thanks to a major YouTube channel deciding it would be funny to pull an anti-Semitic prank. This boycott is costing YouTube $750,000,000 at this point, so the owners (Google) have decided to remove all advertising from OTHER channels in order to make up some of that money. They are taking away ads from videos they think are racist, inflammatory, or that have "offensive" content.

    LiveSciFi is none of these things. HOWEVER, because of the keywords LSF uses on its videos (like Satan, Satanic, demon, 666, etc) some buffoons at YT have taken ads away from LSF videos. For example, the interview we did with American exorcist Father Gary Thomas had six ad breaks two weeks ago and now has none. They aren't taking the ads away from people who steal their content (like movies) or who post porn or who really are racist or bigots. No. They're targeting LSF and equating a paranormal channel with those types of channels. For example, you can find bare-breasted women all over YouTube and those videos have ads BUT they took the ads off a breastfeeding instruction video because they said the content was offensive. That's what happens when you let corporations control creative content. As a result, the money LSF usually makes off advertising? Tim's not getting it. Those ads are what fund LSF investigations. That's how Tim pays for travel, to rent the haunted sites, to purchase equipment and so on.

    Tim isn't asking anyone to pay any kind of subscription or monthly fee in order to watch LSF videos. Trust me--ALL Tim cares about is providing people like you the kind of paranormal research and entertainment that you enjoy. What LSF needs help with is money for this investigation, until either the boycott is over, the situation with YouTube is resolved, or he finds another media platform for LSF. This is temporary, and should be resolved soon.

    Just in case that's confusing in English, I'll try to clarify in my bad French.

    Excusez mon français. Je n'ai pas écrit en français depuis de nombreuses années. Ma mère est de France et j'ai une famille là-bas, alors je parle français, mais ne l'écris pas bien. YouTube cible LSF car il pense que son contenu pourrait être offensant puisqu'il est paranormal. Fondamentalement, ils volent le revenu de Tim et cela rend presque impossible de faire ces spectacles. Nous avons donc besoin d'aide pour que l'enquête se produise la semaine prochaine, et Tim trouvera une solution au problème avec espoir.

    J'espère que ça aide, que ce soit en anglais ou en français. Merci d'avoir regardé LSF et nous apprécions votre soutien. Bonsoir, Simsum, et merci.
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    no problem i 've understand ;) even in French.
    thx for clarification.
  4. Thank God. :D
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  5. Well Said Celina. :)

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