A Special Broadcast Announcement!

Discussion in 'show discussions' started by tim_livescifi, Feb 28, 2017.

  1. tim_livescifi

    tim_livescifi boo Staff Member

    In late April we will spending 3 nights at a home where there has been a confirmed exorcism, numerous reports of paranormal activity, hanging, Indian massacre, and more...Yes, we will be going to the Hinsdale House.

    More details TBD!
  2. jentt

    jentt Ghost

    :D Can't wait!!!
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  3. Saraya

    Saraya Residual

    Sounds awesome! :cool:
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  4. Keith

    Keith Residual

    I just can't wait for it
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  5. Cassyemery

    Cassyemery Ghost

    Yayyy ! That house is sure the be awesome hope you investigate the woods too I heard they are more haunted then the house !
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  6. Robin Z

    Robin Z Residual

    YAY I'll be there. Love my LIVESCIFI! ❤❤
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  7. Mascha

    Mascha Residual

    I will be there ❤❤
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  8. I made a cool artwork, it's apotropiac magic tool against evil, you have to hang it in the center of a home, it sents out white light energy, protects, creates harmony in the home, it is based on Vastu Indian Feng Shui, with a very ancient symbol of the unknown/ divinity, rune of the ancient gods before humanity existed, with the all seeing eye, that is Original from Magdalene, the four elements, in the colors of the Veve nature families, to show respect to the nature spirit families because a home exist out of the four elements, all is connected. One time I put on my classic ghost radar app, the spirits comin in said: beautiful, private, white, light. Here is a picture of it.[​IMG]
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  9. JulieB

    JulieB Residual

    This sounds absolutely crazy Tim....but we will love to see it haha! Can't wait to watch you all in action ❤
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  10. Heather

    Heather Residual

    Do you know who will be accompanying you yet?
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  11. Melanie Torres

    Melanie Torres Residual

    a whole month of torturous waiting!! sigh
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  12. Roo

    Roo Residual

    Sounds awesome Tim, can't wait!!!
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  13. Zimzum

    Zimzum Residual

    Wow ! EXCITING !
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  14. Anthony Tommy

    Anthony Tommy Residual

    I'll be there or I'll be square
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  15. Anthony Tommy

    Anthony Tommy Residual

    I'll be there or I'll be square, :D
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  16. Kellee

    Kellee Poltergeist

    Oh that house is freaky! Yay i cant wait!
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  17. tim_livescifi

    tim_livescifi boo Staff Member

    please don't be square...that would suck.
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  18. ❤❤
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  19. looking forward to it :D of course i'll be watching.
  20. looking forward to it :D of course i'll be watching.
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