A Series of Photos showing possible activity?

Discussion in 'Photographs' started by MorganBlu, Apr 10, 2018.

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    I am posting a zoomed in collage of three photos that were taken within moments of each other. I was posing for the photos and the mirror was behind me. A flash was used on a IPhone7 to take them. There was nothing in the room to reflect what's showing in the mirror. I understand lens flare and that thing where humans naturally try to see faces in things but this is so detailed? And no, they are not fake.

    My house does have a history of being Haunted and I have some older photos that showed possible activity too. Looking for some imput. My boyfriend still has the originals on his PC.


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    its a interesting series of photos..any history on the mirror?
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    Hi Tim,
    This came from a farmhouse I lived in for three years before moving to my current house. I was in my Thirties and I lived there from 2002 - 2005. My friend was stuck in a lease on the house and he was separating from his wife. He could not afford to pay the rent by himself so he was looking for someone to split the costs. The house was large and the rent he offered was very reasonable so I jumped on it. His wife who was supposed to be moved out, but she had not left yet. She was living in my future bedroom. But I had already ended my lease and scheduled my move so I stayed in a spare guest room until she could find a place to live. Come to find out, she was a bad alcoholic with serious depression. She had been in and out of rehab several times. Her husband told me to keep all my kitchen knives packed up and to not bring anything sharp into the house. I was not informed about her condition before moving in but he had expected her to be gone by the time I moved in. Alas, I kept my bedroom door locked when she was there. In my last discussion with her, she told me if she ever disappeared, where her body could be found. There was a old barn down from the house and she would hang herself there. I immediately told her husband what she had told me and she was admitted into an emergency rehab center that night and stayed there for six months. He moved all of her remaining stuff into a storage unit so she wouldn't have to return to our house again.

    When I moved into her room, that mirror was in the back of the closet. I guess hind sight is 20/20 now. Before moving in, I had started to do some amatuer ghost hunting at a few cemeteries in my area. My room mate had become concerned that I might be bringing ghosts back home with me after my ghost hunts. One time, he had just gotten home from work and his two dogs were barking loudly and jumping on him so he yelled for them to sit. They quickly sat and I asked if he was OK. We were standing in the doorway of the office room and there was a small hallway to the kitchen. I saw what looked a moving shadow of a person on floor of the kitchen as if they were walking in our direction, about the time I saw it, his dogs began wildly barking and rushed toward the kitchen like they were going to attack someone. When I got to the kitchen they were jumping up and scratching at the back door. My roommate ran outside concerned someone had broken in, but there was no signs of anyone and we were a distance from the road. He even went down to the basement and there was no one. He never heard or saw anyone run away

    I have had paranormal experiences since I was a kid and it also started with a mirror in my bedroom. At night in the dark I would see what looked like human figures moving in the mirror but not in the room but then I started to see shadows figures in my room. I still fall asleep facing a wall now as a habit because I learned if I ignored them and showed no fear, they would disappear. I guess instead of my experiences frightening me away, I have always been fascinated by it and wanted to face it. Find some kind of solid proof or explanation for what I had experienced.

    In my twenties i visited my family's home and my Grandmother was living with my parents. She was a Southern Baptist and strongly believed you either went straight to heaven or hell. As a child I confided in her that I thought I was seeing ghosts in the house. She would just laugh and say I had an overactive imagination. There was no such thing as ghosts. During this visit, my Grandmother was washing dishes and looking out the window at me on the deck. She told me soon after she saw a dark shadow of a large man walk across the deck. She came rushing out the front door and looking very frightened as she frantically looked around and asked who the man was. I told her I was alone but she went down to the driveway to see where they had gone. I had never seen my Grandmother so shaken up before. A couple days later she took me to the side and told me she was sorry for not believing me. That if I saw anymore ghosts around the house, to let her know. She has since passed but there is still activity at my parents house too. As recent as last Christmas. Last year, I discovered that there is a old poorly maintained cemetery in the woods on the street behind my parent's house. It's about 10-15 minutes walking distance from my parent's house and five minutes by car.

    I have two other photos that I took at my current home but I did not realize they showed anything and they sat on my phone for months. They were taken with a walmart phone so the photo quality is not great. They were taken December 2016 before the house was first cleansed. I had sensed something in the hall way and started to snap photos but the activity shows up in my bedroom instead. I also have a photo of a burn mark that appeared on my hand after the second cleansing that looks like a symbol of some sort. That cleansing seemed to get rid of the darker presence in my home though. The above mirror photos were just taken in my home last year. We have seen orbs with our own eyes. Last summer we were sitting on the couch at 4:00 PM and we both saw this bluish gray mist form appear three feet from us and it was moving toward us. We both reacted at the same time and it was the first time my boyfriend had seen anything like it before. My cats also seem to see and react to things that are invisible to us too. I cannot seem to add any photos to this post so I will try again.

    I really love your site and video channels. I am really looking forward to watching your Friday the 13th show at the Sallie House. Do not let the trolls etc. get to you. Your live shows get real proof that leaves shows like Ghost Adventures in the dust.


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