A dark figure haunts visitors to Oxford Castle Unlocked!

Discussion in 'Paranormal News' started by Bodhi, Jun 25, 2008.

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    :) another interesting story Bodhi....again thank you..tooo bad its soooo far away..it mentiions that the place was used to hold prisioners waiting on execution, i wonder if they were hanged, that would maybe explain the dark figure as in hangings they usually always hood the person...castles are just way to interesting..i work in one, and have felt the feeling of something moving quickly, but when i looked i saw nothing, this was in the basement of the castle, where there is a couple of class rooms, a hall of lockers and many passages that lead all over the place and many doors that have been cemented up..they say there is tunnels below the castle

    again thanks for sharing this :) pic is really cool

    chooo choooooo
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    neato! thanks for sharing this Bodhi..
    from a sceptic point of view i'd wonder if a staff member was lurking in the corridors of the underground Crypt.. but the article said the person who took the pic was on his own. it certainly does look like a dark shadow figure. :shock:
    i love old castles! wish i had made more time in the UK to discover, on my trip in 2006. i'll have to make travel plans in my future to go check some more of these fantastic places out.
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    I also wondered it it was a staff member lurking in the shadows!!! I have no doubt that the place is haunted though so who knows!! :D I would love to go there also Spook
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    At first I couldn't see anything..and then I closed out and went back..popped right out at me lol

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