1940's UFO Incident

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    Found this on Wiki today never knew however this happened..does anyone else have any data on this.?

    West Coast Air Raid
    In the "West Coast Air Raid" of early 1943, a UFO was spotted over Los Angeles. Over 1400 rounds of AAA (Anti Aircraft Artillery) were expended and several people died from heart attacks due to the excitement. It was written off by the government as "wartime nerves" as a Japanese Sub was sighted off the coast days earlier., but later documents indicated the U.S. military was seriously worried about the incident. !
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    wow....that IS interesting
    i never heard of it either
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    ever see that movie 1943 with john belushi ?? lol they showed the japs invading and anyway it was hilarious ..
    but i heard about that before never really thought about it much though
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