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    So this was my second day investigated this popular haunt....well popular around warren IN lol. Anyways the history real one is that there was a blind school that had been there back in the 1900's. It had burned down as far as I know there was no deaths other then the care taker at the time who is said to still be around . now for the legends there is one which I think might have some truth to it that a family of 13 lived behind the cemetery a mile back and that the house and the "real" 13 graves is back there. now I have checked my Google maps and had seen the abandoned house went about 2 to 3 miles back and couldn't find shit. so ethier I as totally lost and Google maps sucks or the house had been destroyed I capture some great evps as I had to evps recorders a infrared camera also a tempture reader. I will try to put out as much evidence as I can but here are my findings lol. okay it will only let me post 2 pics I'm trying here people lol

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    Lol if you wanna see the rest my Instagram is cass_all because it won't let me load anymore pics...
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    Hey Cassy, I was wondering since you were living in or near Indiana if you ever heard of Reverent Acres Farm. Its a great place in Charlottesville. Very active especially with a full moon. Only $25 per person with a minimum of 4 people.
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    No I haven't but I will definitely check it out now thank you ! :)

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