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  1. Nicole Marie gagliardi
  2. jentt
  3. jentt
  4. DjMommyD
    Ready for some LiveSciFi action!
  5. DjMommyD
    Waiting on some action from Tim and Celina!
  6. DjMommyD
    Where is my favorite Savage?! I need a live show!
  7. jentt
    jentt tim_livescifi
    Boo :)
    Just stopping by to say "Hi" Can't wait for the book to come out tomorrow. Talk soon :)
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  8. Nicole Marie gagliardi
    Nicole Marie gagliardi
    Can't wait for some more exciting paranormal activities,love being able too watch the livestream ,feel like your apart of the experiences
  9. DjMommyD
    Wonder if Tim is gunna give us some action tonight? Couldn't make it to the live show last night so I have to watch it later
  10. DjMommyD
    I can't wait to see what epic shit Tim comes up with during the eclipse!
  11. DjMommyD
    Hot paranormal investigator?
  12. DjMommyD
    Can't wait for the eclipse! Let's see what Timbo is Gunna get into next!
  13. @davidverheyden 3
    @davidverheyden 3
    Good Evening Tim, Have You worked out where is our next investigation.?
  14. TwiztidJade420
  15. tim_livescifi
    hello everyone!!!
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    2. leash237Alicia
      hey tim! how r u?
      Aug 10, 2017
    3. DjMommyD
      Hey handsome!
      Aug 18, 2017
  16. Daphney103
    Remember to pray for Nicole she was attacked the other night An had to go home so let's hope she is ok
  17. Daphney103
    Sooo can't wait for the live show starting tomorrow night gonna be awesome
  18. Nicole Noel
    Nicole Noel
    Sallie House returns.
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    2. tim_livescifi
      Jul 27, 2017
  19. DjMommyD
    Where is our leader? Tim, you out there?
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    2. tim_livescifi
      Jul 27, 2017
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  20. DjMommyD
    Hey everyone! Hope you having an awesome day! Let's see what paranormal shannanigans Tim comes up with tonight! Can't wait!