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  1. Nadine Vanderpoorten
    Nadine Vanderpoorten Kristin
    Hi Kristin, just want to say to you, that u are a great woman taking such good care of ur team members, what happend to Tim, caring about Liv too, u deserve a well deserved big compliment for all of it, love you much, hugs to you, Tim and Liv
  2. tim_livescifi
    Happy Monday everyone!
  3. rebelcountrygirl
    Just a country girl living life to the fullest
  4. Niki ParaUnNormal
  5. JulieB
    Watching Livescifi and absolutely loving it ❤ I'm a believer and I have seen!
  6. Jennine
    Jennine Kristin
    I miss you guys. I have been following you for the last 3 places. I am new and don't comment that much especially after seeing some of the insulting and rude comments that are left. The last night at the Monroe house there wasn't a MOD and it got out of hand. Will this stop me from watching? NO!! I definitely would not invite Dave, and his partner that was more concerned with his truck .SMH! Can't wait until April.
  7. Kala The Gifted One
    Kala The Gifted One
    Don't want to underestimate me! You have no clue. Underestimation is key. Have no clue who I am. Think long and hard
  8. Art
    Art Kristin
    Hello Kristen,Hru?wanted to say I'm a new member .and I think you are great and very talented drawing ,and you and Tim work very well together. Just seen the livestream at Monroe house.
  9. Art
    Art tim_livescifi
    Hi Tim I'm a new member, i been watching you for a while. I watched so paranormal shows but then I started watching you and you are the best ones out there , plus love the crew u work with , love Kristen,just seen you at Monroe house,,, plus I like you becouse you are from north cal. I live in Sacramento Rockin area
  10. Jonathan P
    Jonathan P
    love the show guys now how do i get on an ivestigation with yall
  11. emolee!
    emolee! tim_livescifi
    Hi! I'm new to this website but not to you. I've been watching you guys for a few years now. I watched you guys when I was recovering from my transplant surgery and I became a huge fan of your work. I can tell that you guys are 100% legit, ya know! Anywho, just wanted to let ya'll know that and to tell you to keep doing what you're doing!
  12. Cherokee Thunder
    Cherokee Thunder Carisa
    I truly enjoy watching LiveSciFi streams with you (although I go by a different name during streams . You are terrific!
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    2. Carisa
      Aww thank you for enjoying watching streams with me ❤ I'm so glad you do! Thanks for being awesome
      Feb 20, 2017
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  13. Harmony4Tranquility-KezzS
    Human "be"ing (in the moment) not a human doing, (blinked and missed it)
  14. Harmony4Tranquility-KezzS
    Open to learn, passionate about living as a human "be"ing (staying in the moment) and not a human doing, where you've blinked and missed it!
  15. Kala The Gifted One
    Kala The Gifted One
    In my dreams, I shall wait . till I see your unfound fate. Dream and dream and dream again. A familure sight in the night. Then It begins
  16. Kala The Gifted One
    Kala The Gifted One
    That there's more to life than the relevance. Connected to the unknown and feeling all alone. Oh how I can't wait Till I see your face.
  17. Kala The Gifted One
    Kala The Gifted One
    All this built up inside, feeling uninspired. When I hear you call out again makes me feel insane wishing people will understand .
  18. Kala The Gifted One
    Kala The Gifted One
    I can't help it now taking control. Feel the fear taste the soul. Aahhh yes there is so much pain. Back and forth and back again. You hide
  19. Kala The Gifted One
    Kala The Gifted One
    And harder still I pull. But only to falter and fall. Am I naked now, can you see? Feel whatsoever that's within me. Naked now, can you see?
  20. Kala The Gifted One
    Kala The Gifted One
    Filling with pain again. Going to that place again. Happens over and over again. Now playing and pushing harder than before.